Job focused Business Analysis Training Program

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Job focused Business Analysis Training Program

While working with students aspiring to get into the IT field, one question that I often get asked is, “I do not have any computer programming background. Can I compete as a software tester?” Valid question as it is, my answer typically involves around the background of the student. As someone who has seen the IT industry close to three decades, I can speak with a certain degree of authority that no programming background is necessary for you to entre into the IT job market as a software tester. If you are planning to enter the job market as an IT tester, the question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are a good multi-tasker, whether you like working with people in groups and if you have a knack for clear and precise communication.

Entry level jobs in software testing often require analytical skills in understanding the requirements and process flow of a software with ability to clearly communicate and document testing activities. Additionally, the entry level positions may require some exposure to commonly used automated testing tools that are relatively easy to master. Techno Canada offers runs a widely popular and successful QA/Training program that help new entrants into the field of software testing by providing with job-focused training.

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