Trainings Canada Centre of Excellence offers it’s graduates Assured Placement Assistance Service for IT Industry:

    Interview Preparation:

    • Comprehensive training to enhance interview skills
    • Coaching on effective communication and body language
    • Guidance on handling common interview questions and scenarios

    Resume Coaching:

    • Personalized assistance to create a professional resume
    • Tailoring resumes to highlight relevant skills and achievements
    • Reviewing and refining the overall presentation and formatting

    Mock Interviews by Experts:

    • Realistic simulation of job interviews with experienced professionals
    • Feedback on interview performance and areas of improvement
    • Strategies to enhance confidence and interview success

    Building Referentiality through Credible Internship:

    • Facilitation of internships with IT companies
    • Exposure to real-world projects and industry practices
    • Building practical experience and references for future job applications

    AI-Proctored Competency Assessment Testing:

    • Utilization of advanced assessment technology to evaluate technical skills
    • Objective measurement of competency levels in various domains
    • Identification of strengths and areas for further skill development

    Job Search Assistance:

    • Guidance and support in finding suitable job opportunities
    • Strategies for effective job searching, including online platforms and networking
    • Assistance with application submissions and interview scheduling

    Resume Marketing:

    • Promoting student resumes to potential employers and recruiters
    • Highlighting skills, qualifications, and accomplishments effectively
    • Maximizing visibility and attracting job interview opportunities

    High Success Rate:

    • Overwhelming majority of students successfully placed within 90 days
    • Proven track record of successful job placements post-completion
    • Continuous support and follow-up until students secure employment

    Our Assured Placement Assistance service is dedicated to empowering students with the necessary tools and guidance to excel in the IT industry. We are committed to their success and strive to provide comprehensive support throughout their job search journey.

    Please call us at +1 416-279-0707 or email us at  or fill in the “GET IN TOUCH” form.