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Core JAVA – Fast Track

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Our Core JAVA Fast Course is a 25 hours classroom course.

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Our Core JAVA Fast Course is a 25 hours classroom course. This course prepares participants with the knowledge and skills necessary in planning, designing and deploying simple web-based sites and systems by using Object-oriented programming concepts and Java programming language . It provides learners with a hands-on introduction to different powerful features of Java.

AUDIENCE PROFILE: Entry level programmers aspiring to launch a career using Java as a programming language.

PRE-REQUISITE: Some programming knowledge

COURSE TYPE: Classroom

DURATION: 25 Hours


Techno Canada Centre of Excellence’s Core JAVA Fast Track course provides you in a concise and accelerated way  the foundational knowledge and skills to effectively work as a Java Developer .

On course completion, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Techno Canada Centre of Excellence.

Our Core JAVA Fast Track Course covers

  • Introduction to Java
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Input / Output using Streams and Files
  • Stream classes
  • Random access files
  • String tokenizer and split method
  • Constants and variables / Data types
  • Arithmetic statements / Numeric type conversion
  • Java methods that return values
  • Java Classes / Class constructors
  • Understand blocks and scope
  • Method Overloading / Constructor overloading
  • Java methods with no arguments, a single argument, and multiple arguments
  • Java methods with no arguments, a single argument, and multiple arguments
  • Static variables / this keyword
  • Java interfaces / packages / Abstract classes
  • Dynamic method binding
  • Make decisions with the if and if…else structures
  • Nest if and if…else statements
  • Logical operators
  • Loops: while, for and do..while loops
  • Manipulating characters in Java
  • String and StringBuffer classes
  • Arrays in Java
  • Declaring and initializing arrays
  • Pass arrays to methods
  • Create arrays of Strings
  • Sort array elements
  • Jframes
  • Layout managers (flow, grid, border)
  • JPanel class
  • Understand Swing event listeners
  • Graphics – color, font, geometric objects
  • Listener interfaces
  • Window, mouse and keyboard events
  • Utilize adapter classes
  • Implement event listeners for timer events

On course completion, the students are expected to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Demonstrate good understanding of OOP features in Java.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of the Java Programming Language.
  • Discuss programming standards and best practices
  • Design, code and test a Java application that uses error-handling techniques to produce stable and robust code able to handle heavy loads with reasonable performance.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of File I/O API.
  • Design, code and test simple Java applications.
  • Design, code and test simple Java Applets.
  • Design, code and test simple SWING applications.
  • Work with Visual Editor in eclipse
  • Use Swing layout manager and GUI components
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