Data Science & R Language Programming PLUS Course With Guaranteed Placement (ONLINE)


Our Data Science & R Language Programming course is 22 Hours Online Instructor-Led Course with guaranteed placement. The guaranteed placement gives an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and build a portfolio of Project Artifacts.

Data Science is an emerging Discipline and has lot of application in Business, Industry and other Disciplines.

Our Data Science & R Language Programming course does a comprehensive treatment of this subject in R Language which is rich in Computer Graphics. The theoretical basis of data science is Statistical Techniques both univariate and multivariate. Fundamentals of Data Science, R Language and related graphics will be taught, which will give the audience a solid foundation in practicing Data Science in their workplace. The most important aspect of this course includes lot of examples on Graphics, Statistical Techniques are worked out in the class.

Our excellent in-class training on Data Science & R Language Programming helps you take Job Interviews HEAD ON.

  • We offer one of the most effective, successful, and affordable Data Science and R Language Course in GTA.
  • Earn professional training from IT experts who have years of experience in the industry.

*Conditions Apply

AUDIENCE PROFILE: Meant for anyone, who wants to start a career in Data Science.

PRE-REQUISITE: Basic knowledge of statistics and a programming language is preferred.

COURSE TYPE: Online Instructor-Led

DURATION: 22 Hours

PLACEMENT: Guaranteed Placement (Conditions Apply)

TOOLS USED: R Studio & Microsoft SQL Server


Techno Canada Centre of Excellence’s 22-hour Data Science & R Language Programming course has a hands-on approach where students learn how to use R Language Functions to construct meaningful Statistics and Graphics to understand nature of the business. The most important aspect of this course is Visualization of data through multicolour graphics. It also includes a short introduction on SQL and working with Databases.

On course completion you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from Techno Canada Centre of Excellence.

Some of the features of SQL to be taught in class include:

The course will have three major sections:

  1. R Language
  2. Data Visualization (Graphics)
  3. Grammar of Graphics and detailed discussion of ggplot2 package

R Language

  • Introduction to R
  • Data type and Variables
  • Programming Logic
  • Data Structures
  • R Packages & Functions
  • Preliminary concepts of SQL Database
  • Accessing Data from CSV (comma separated values) File
  • Accessing Data from Excel File
  • Accessing Data from SQL Server

Data Visualization (Graphics)

Elaborate examples are shown using Multi Color Graphics.

A case study approach with real life data is adopted.

  •  Line chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • 3D Pie chart
  • Histogram
  • Moments
  • Mean, Median and Mode, Standard Deviation
  • Skewness & Kurtosis
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Cumulative frequency distribution & cumulative frequency graph
  • Correlation Coefficient
  • Linear Regression & Least square method
  • Prediction with linear regression model
  • Multivariate Classification with Discriminant Analysis
  • Machine Learning and prediction through Discriminant Analysis
  • Modelling histogram with Normal probability distribution
  • Discrete & Continues Probability Distribution
  • Calculating probability through normal curve fit
  • Percentiles & Quantiles (also Quartiles)
  • Box plot

Grammar of Graphics and ggplot2 Package

  • Concepts of Grammar of Graphics
  • Layer
  • Scale
  • Coordinate system
  • Faceting (facet)
  • Theme

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$2500 (CAD)

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