Business Intelligence & Data Analytics PLUS Course With Guaranteed Placement (Online Instructor Led)


Our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics PLUS course 25 hours hands-on Online Instructor-Led classroom course with guaranteed placement. The guaranteed placement gives an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and build a portfolio of Project Artifacts. This course introduces the practical uses of statistical and computer applications in determining and analyzing data. This course will provide relevant, timely, and effective education in data analytics foundations, basic and advanced analytics methods, and data analytics tools (Excel).

Our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics PLUS course is designed to amplify the understanding of mathematics in the context of data management and analysis. Students apply methods for researching and organizing information, for solving problems, involving probability and integrating statistical concepts.

If you are looking to upgrade your knowledge as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist and want to add marketable and in-demand skills to your resume, then this course is a perfect fit for you.

This course comes with three (3) additional courses for FREE to enhance your career as a Data Analyst.


  • Power BI for 2 Hours Live Instructor Led Course.
  • SQL Workshop for 3 Hours, Live Instructor Led Course.
  • Fundamentals of Tableau for 5 Hours, Live Instructor Led Course. Tableau is a data visualization tool which is used extensively for report generation.

The major tasks of Data Analyst initiates from collecting data and then, cleaning and analyzing data using statistical tools and finally, visualizing the data sets in a readable form using visualization tools like Tableau, Excel to fulfill business needs. Data Scientists takes the data visualizations created by data analysts a step further and remove weaknesses and optimize trends. Therefore, if you aspire a career in Data Analytics or already work in Data Analytics or Data Science or data wrangling roles, this course is ideal for you.

Concepts covered in this course include introduction to statistics, methods of bivariate data, Discrete and continuous probability distribution, Statistical Inference (small-sample and large-sample case) and Excel. The course also introduces relevant tools and techniques as needed in the practice of Data Analysis such as Excel.

Our excellent in-class training on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics helps you take Job Interviews HEAD ON.

  • SOLID HANDS-ON TRAINING on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 
  • We offer one of the most effective, successful, and affordable Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Course in GTA.
  • Earn professional training from IT experts who have years of experience in the industry.

*Conditions Apply

AUDIENCE PROFILE: Meant for any professional who wants to build a career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. 

PRE-REQUISITE: A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, or MBA with a quantitative background.

COURSE TYPE: All classes are ONLINE Synchronous LIVE Instructor-Led classes.

DURATION: 25 Hours of Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Training  + 2 Hours of Power BI + 3 Hours of SQL + 5 Hours of Tableau = 35 Hours

PLACEMENT: Guaranteed Placement *


Techno Canada Centre of Excellence’s Business Intelligence & Data Analytics course provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to effectively organize and analyze any kinds of data, regardless of what industry you are working, in a concise and accelerated way.

This certificate course provides you with a solid background in performing statistical data analysis to extract actionable information from research or business data.  At the end of this course, the student will be able to utilize intermediate-to-advanced data analysis concepts to real-world problems, limiting its coverage of Excel to those functions that are directly relevant to data analysis.

Our Business Intelligence & Data Analytics course covers:

Introduction to Statistics

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Graphic Representations of data sets
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Position, and Dispersion

Descriptive Methods for Bivariate Data

  • The Least Squares Regression Line
  • The Linear Correlation Coefficient

Discrete probability distributions

  • Binomial Distribution

Continuous probability distributions

  • Normal distribution and the Standard Normal.
  • Central Limit Theorem

Statistical inference (large-sample case)

  • Estimating population mean (large-sample case).
  • Hypotheses testing – population mean (large-sample case).

Statistical inference (small-sample case)

  • Hypothesis testing – population mean (small-sample case).
  • Hypotheses testing population proportion


  • Creating data spreadsheet
  • Statistical data analysis

Resume Writing & Interview Preparation

  • Interview Techniques
  • Creating the first impression
  • How to create a good resume
  • How to dress for interviews
  • How to apply for jobs

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